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Magnolia Medical Group provides several options for addiction therapy and counseling to help you overcome substance abuse issues. Call us today!

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At Magnolia Medical Group, our licensed addiction counselors can assist you throughout your treatment. We offer non-judgmental, client-centered sessions. Therapy can teach you how to increase your coping and life skills and improve your self-esteem and stress management.

Whether you’ve received a referral from your physician or you’d like to visit us on your own, know that by taking the first steps to take back your life from addiction, you’re making a choice that will positively affect the rest of your life. 

About Group Counseling

Group counseling is now being offered at Magnolia Medical Group!  Below you will find the schedule for the month, with virtual and in-clinic options. 

Group therapy or counseling is an important part of treatment.  Addiction support groups are open to all patients, and patients can attend in addition to individual therapy and peer support services.  We request patients complete a counseling intake with an individual therapist before attending groups; however, you do not have to see a therapist individually to engage in groups after your intake is completed.

Group Options

Introductory Group:

This group is designed for new patients as an introduction to Magnolia Medical Group and our harm-reduction approach to substance use disorder.  We will cover why MAT treatment works, discuss the different components of MAT treatment, and review our important policies for your care in our clinic.  This group is offered both in our clinic and virtually via Zoom to meet all patients’ needs.  A counseling intake is not required to attend this group.

AcuDetox Group:

The AcuDetox Group is a 60-minute group led by an Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist (ADS) and is open to all. Using principles of Chinese medicine, the AcuDetox protocol is a simple, low-risk modality where the ADS clinician will place five small, sterilized needles into five specific parts of each group participant’s ears. In this group, members will be able to learn about the history and benefits of AcuDetox and mindfulness techniques and receive AcuDetox treatment in a safe, calm environment. The group will then sit together quietly for 30-45 minutes. This type of treatment has the ability to control withdrawal symptoms, help recipients become more clear-headed and comfortable, and can also provide relief from anxiety, depression, and trauma.

MAT Group:

The MAT group is a 13-week group designed specifically for MAT patients.  This therapist lead group covers various topics, including cognitive-behavioral strategies, symptoms of addiction, stages of change, denial, relapse prevention, managing cravings and triggers, relationships, support systems and feelings (including guilt and shame), high-risk situations, and maintaining recovery. We encourage everyone to come for the full 13 weeks, but each week is a stand-alone topic in case that is not possible.  The goals of this group are to: provide positive peer support, reduce feelings of isolation, learn new skills and ways of thinking, and instill hope into all.  This group will take place in a judgment-free environment and will be a safe place to discuss challenges and celebrate accomplishments.

Peer Support Group:

Peer Recovery groups led by Peer Recovery Coach Sam will be open to everybody at any stage of their recovery journey. The purpose of these groups will be for people in recovery to support each other through lived experience and mutual understanding. We will cover a wide variety of topics, from coping skills to relapse prevention to stigma. Information will be presented in an open conversation format, giving individuals the space to share their perspectives and shed different light on various topics. Peer Recovery groups will be a safe, judgment-free space to work through the struggles and celebrate the accomplishments of recovery. Sam believes that the opposite of addiction is connection; these groups will be an opportunity for us to build meaningful relationships and support one another.

**NEW** Women’s Recovery Group:

The Women’s Recovery Group is a therapist lead group specific for women struggling with alcohol or drug use.  The group is open to women in all stages of life and all stages of recovery.  This is a relapse prevention group that emphasizes self-care and developing new skills with women-focused content.  In this group, we address unique obstacles women face in regard to recovery.  The group covers a different topic each week for 14 weeks.  We encourage participation in all 14 weeks. However, this is not mandatory, and each week’s topic is a stand-alone topic.  Topics covered in the group include: women’s health, managing triggers to use, obstacles to recovery, mental health disorders, women as partners, women as caregivers, violence and abuse, and achieving balance in life

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Magnolia Medical Group is licensed with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment.

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