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Addiction Treatment Insurance Options

For so many prospective patients, figuring out how to pay for drug addiction treatment can feel like a major obstacle. However, there are options for insurance coverage for substance use disorder treatment, which can make recovery much more attainable for many. 

If you or a loved one is in need of drug addiction treatment in Denver, CO, Magnolia Medical Group can help. We accept many major insurance companies and network providers. We also offer other payment options to ensure that our treatment services are as affordable and widely accessible as possible.
Medicaid treatment
Does Your Insurance Cover Drug and Alcohol Treatment?
Magnolia Medical Group‘s outpatient treatment center for addiction accepts some commercial private insurances, please call 303-209-5115 to inquire. 
Insurance Options for Outpatient Rehabilitation
Currently, Magnolia Medical Group partners with the following insurance providers:

• Aetna • Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield
• Cigna (and affiliates) • Colorado Health Neighborhoods
• Bright Health • BEST Health Plan
• Baywater Healthcare • Medicare
• Medicaid • Pinnacol Assurance
• Rocky Mountain Health Plan • Tricare
• United Healthcare (and affiliates)
Outpatient Care Coverage & Other Payment Options
Magnolia Medical Group works with the insurance carriers listed above. Additionally, we also accept out-of-network benefits and cash payments.  

For patients that meet income eligibility requirements, we use a sliding scale to reduce to cost of treatment.

If you are underinsured or do not have insurance, you may qualify for a grant established in a partnership between Magnolia Medical Group and the state of Colorado. The grant can provide financial assistance for treatment of opioid addiction, including medication-assisted treatment, case management, and counseling. Click here for additional details about grants for drug addiction treatment in CO.
Outpatient Treatment Insurance Verification
Before services can be provided, insurance verification must be completed. Please contact us at 303-209-5115 for all questions related to insurance verification and payment. Our team can provide you with details regarding expected copayments, coverage amount, requirements for prior authorization, and any other pertinent information.
Magnolia Medical Group Services Covered Under Insurance
Our Denver drug rehabilitation center frequently receives questions about addiction treatment insurance coverage, including: “Does health insurance cover drug addiction rehab?” We are happy to answer yes; many health insurance providers offer coverage for treatment of drug and/or alcohol abuse, including outpatient programs and services.

Magnolia Medical Group accepts many major insurance providers as well as private insurance plans (full list noted below). Our Denver outpatient treatment center services covered under insurance may include:

• Outpatient treatment • Medication-assisted treatment for drug addiction
• Therapy and counseling • Psychiatric care

Your health coverage for addiction treatment services will depend on several factors, including your insurance essential health benefit plan and policy, your specific needs, and more. However, the team at Magnolia Medical Group is always here to help you get the information you need to move forward with treatment.
Outpatient Drug Rehab Coverage
At Magnolia Medical Group, our mission is to support individuals that are pursuing freedom from drug addiction. As such, we have worked diligently to offer a broad range of options for treatment payment, including accepting insurance coverage for outpatient services.

You may be eligible for Medicaid or Medicare coverage for substance abuse treatment. If you are enrolled in Colorado Medicaid insurance, we are happy to apply your coverage towards outpatient drug treatment services. Keep in mind that Medicaid coverage is subject to certain regulations, including:

• Your income must be at or below 133% of the federal poverty level to qualify for Medicaid. • If you are attempting to qualify for coverage for methadone treatment for opioid use disorder, substance use disorder counseling is mandated under federal law. Magnolia Medical Group provides outpatient counseling and therapy services.

Although it’s not unusual to feel hesitant about contacting your insurance provider with questions about coverage for addiction treatment, we encourage you to not feel ashamed. In fact, there should be a sense of pride in taking the first steps towards health and healing. Speaking to your plan administrators is a good place to start, but the team at Magnolia Medical Group can also provide valuable assistance.
Find Recovery from Addiction in Denver, CO
Don’t let the cost of treatment stand in the way of taking back your life – you can break free from addiction, and Magnolia Medical Group will help you find the best, most affordable way to prioritize your future starting right now.

If your insurance carrier isn’t included in our list of accepted providers, don’t give up. You may have out-of-network benefits that can reduce your costs or be able to save money using our cash pay and sliding scale payment options. Together, we will find your path towards recovery from drug addiction.

For more information about getting health insurance coverage for drug rehab, contact Magnolia Medical Group today.