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Magnolia Medical Group provides several options for addiction therapy and counseling to help you overcome substance abuse issues.
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If you are looking for compassionate, science-based addiction therapy and counseling treatments or drug counseling Denver, Colorado area, you’ve come to the right place.

Consider Magnolia Medical Group when beginning your recovery journey and discover compassionate care that incorporates both medication-assisted detox treatments and individualized counseling sessions.

We use evidence based therapeutic interventions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); motivational interviewing (MI); trauma informed care and mindfulness. We address underlying mental health issues, negative thoughts and behaviors which can be interfering with life goals.

Addiction counselors work closely with our medical providers, evaluate and monitor you through all stages of recovery, develop the best treatment plan so you can successfully abstain from substances.

What is Addiction Therapy?

Whenever you undergo a major life change, whether it’s coping with the loss of a loved one, moving to a new state, or quitting an addictive substance, your body and brain change uniquely to this dramatic shift in your life – this where addiction therapy comes in.

Choosing sobriety may be one of the most anxiety-provoking and life-changing decisions you make for yourself. It’s important to surround yourself with people in recovery and programs who help build you up to achieve your recovery goals. Addiction therapy pairs you with a licensed substance abuse counselor who specializes in helping people overcome substance use disorders and addiction.

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Why Are Addiction Therapy Services Important for Recovery?

Stopping the use of an addictive substance is clearly the most important step in the recovery process. Still, without the addition of drug dependency therapy services, you may be at high risk for relapse.

It’s crucial to uncover any co-occurring mental health issues you may be dealing with, such as depression, anxiety, or childhood trauma. Even if you do not have a dual diagnosis, it’s a good idea to rethink your coping skills and form new, healthy behaviors with the help of trained addiction counselors with clinical experience.


How Can Addiction Therapy Prevent Relapse?

Although “relapse” may sound like it refers to a complete reversion of treatment or a return to where the patient was before, it’s not that simple. Relapse begins in the brain: Before you decide to take a drink, open a pill bottle, or locate a syringe, you have made several choices — both conscious and unconscious ones. These addictive behaviors are what ultimately leads to substance abuse relapse.

Difficult circumstances in life, such as being hurt or angry with someone or feeling overwhelmed by stress can put people in recovery at risk of relapse. With the right treatment and therapy, you can develop healthy coping skills that help prevent relapse during stressful situations or life events

Similarly, if you are dealing with a dual mood disorder diagnosis, you may be self-medicating with illicit substances rather than legal, FDA-approved medications. The eventual outcome for someone with a history of dependence on drugs, poor coping skills, or an undiagnosed mental illness is often relapse.

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Types of Treatment for Addiction

Though there is no one-size-fits-all treatment for addiction in Denver, a few methods have been tried and tested throughout the past decades that show results and promise for recovering drug users. Below are three methodologies that we utilize at Magnolia Medical Center to care for patients recovering from being addicted to drugs. Counseling, when provided by a licensed therapist or psychiatrist who truly understands drug habits, is one of the cornerstones of treatment here and in many other treatment facilities as well.


Using psychotherapy for the treatment of addiction, which can include talk therapy or cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions, has been shown to help drug fixation patients prevent relapse. Individuals must learn to recognize what drives them to use their narcotic of choice in the first place and stop the act of using it in the early stages. It’s important to learn how to identify these early warning signs of relapse, be honest with yourself and with others, and ask for help when you need it.

Individual Therapy & Counseling Sessions

Some people find being honest in a group session difficult, while others benefit from group counseling and peer therapy. Individual sessions pair you with a licensed addiction counselor who gets to know you as a person in order to provide the best holistic treatment and behavioral therapy possible with respect and empathy every step of the way. We strive to treat our patients as whole people struggling with complex issues rather than promising cookie-cutter addiction treatments or detox protocols.

Is Addiction Therapy Available in Denver, Colorado?

We are located on Colfax Avenue in Denver, Colorado, and our office is open during normal business hours every day except for Sunday. Give us a call at 303-209-5115 to speak to us further about the types of therapy we offer, your specific situation, or addiction in general. It’s important to find the right fit when searching for addiction therapy or detox treatment, and we encourage potential patients to get to know us and learn what we can offer you before signing up for a program.

We offer outpatient treatment programs, and we accept most forms of insurance to help you afford the cost of narcotics treatment. Visit additional pages on our site for more information, read about our payment and insurance options, and don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have questions or concerns!

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Change Your Life with Addiction Therapy Today

At Magnolia Medical Group, our licensed addiction counselors can assist you throughout your MAT treatment. We offer non-judgmental, client-centered individual sessions. Therapy can teach you how to increase your coping and life skills and improve your self-esteem and stress management.

Whether you’ve received a referral from your physician or you’d like to visit us on your own, know that by taking the first steps to take back your life from addiction, you’re making a choice that will positively affect the rest of your life. Contact us to set up an appointment today.

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Magnolia Medical Group is licensed with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment.

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