Step 2: Urine Analysis (UA) Visit

Step 2
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STEP 2: Urine Analysis (UA) Visit

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  1. During your visit, you will need to collect a urine sample from the comfort of your home. The provider will instruct you when they are ready for you to go and do the urine drug test. If you are a woman under 50 years old, you will also need to conduct the pregnancy test at this time. Remember there is a 5-minute window in which your urine pregnancy results are considered accurate.
  2. Complete all the instructions provided on the other sheet in this packet, including name, date of birth, and date of sample on the cup and requisition form.
  3. Once you have collected the sample, the provider will ask to see the results of the urine drug test and pregnancy test (if applicable) using the video call. To see the results, simply tear off the perforated blue paper on the UA cup. They will also ask to see the temperature and validity panel on the UA cup as well.
  4. Once you are finished with the visit, the provider will then instruct you to screw on the cap to the urine cup, then seal the lid to the cup with a green tamper seal. Then, place the UA cup and completed requisition form into the specimen bag.
  5. After your visit, you will need to drop off the urine sample, specimen bag, etc. at one of the locations specified below within 24-hours of your appointment finishing. If you have any questions please call us at 303-209-5115.
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