Step 3: UA Drug Test at Home

Step 3 - You are over halfway!
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STEP 3: UA Drug Test at Home

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  1. Open the UA drug test cup package.

  2. Write your name, date of birth, and date of sample on the UA cup.

  3. Go to the bathroom and collect a sample (mid-stream is best).

  4. Tighten the lid of the UA cup and place into the requisition bag (the section with the absorbent pad. Place the tamper evident seal, onto the lid/cup.

  5. Fill out/sign the listed portions of the requisition form.
    Last Name
    First Name
    Date of Birth
    Signature & Date
    Date Collected
    Time Collected
    Collector’s name: put in patient name

Fold the requisition form in half twice (into a quarter sheet) and place into the form pouch on the specimen bag. Seal the bag
Drop off the UA sample at the Magnolia Medical clinic or other drop off locations immediately after your visit, but no later than 24-hours after your appointment. See other sheet for drop-off locations.

Urine Pregnancy UA Test

  1. Open up the urine pregnancy test (small white packet) once you have collected your urine sample.

  2. Dip the test strip into your urine sample, white side first. Make sure not to dip it in above the line that states, “Max”. Hold it in for 15-seconds.

  3. Wait 2-minutes for the test results. One visible line means a negative result, two visible lines means positive/pregnant.

  4. Document on the back of the requisition form the Lot # and Expiration Date for the pregnancy test (on the outside of the pregnancy test package). Also, document whether one or two lines appear on your test result.

  5. Urine pregnancy test must be done on anyone who is female, under 50 years old, and is currently not pregnant.
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