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Telemedicine Addiction Treatment

Welcome to our Telemedicine Portal

In order to keep patients, providers, team members and the general community sage during this pandemic, we offer patient appointments via telemedicine. Both in person and telemedicine appointments are available at this time.

This means that your visit will be done over a video chat (computer, smart phone or telephone) instead of being done in person. Our office will remain open, but limited to patients picking up supplies to do Urine Analysis’ (UA) at home, dropping off UAs and for patients with no access to computer or smart phone to complete a tele-med visit (who will be placed in a room to complete the visit with a provider who is remote).

We will be seeing our patients for medical, counseling, and psych appointments through telemedicine.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment in Denver

According to American Addiction Centers, over 19 million people in the US are struggling with substance abuse. Additionally, 74% of adults who have a substance abuse disorder could also be diagnosed with an alcohol use disorder. These addictions and patterns of substance abuse have an enormous impact on the personal and professional lives of the individuals experiencing them.

Each patient has a different story and a unique set of life circumstances contributing to their addiction. Researchers have found that addiction has a strong genetic component as well. Too often, people do not get the help they need even if they want it. Financial limitations, mental health struggles, and location can play a large part in whether someone is able to seek treatment or not.

Benefits of Using Telehealth

Most providers can provide telehealth services to patients who live locally and patients who reside in areas where the providers hold a current license. Benefits of using telehealth for addiction treatment either alone or in conjunction with in-person services include the following points:

  • Patients in rural areas have an easier access point to services such as counseling, group therapy, and medication checks
  • Patients who are uncomfortable with the stigma of being treated for addiction do not have to leave their homes for treatment
  • Patients who have limited availability may have an easier time scheduling a telehealth session than driving to a clinic
  • Patients who are concerned about spreading infectious diseases are able to limit their exposure to crowded waiting rooms
  • Patients are able to remain engaged with their physician or counselor on a predictable schedule, which could help reduce the chance of relapse

Who Is an Ideal Client for Telehealth Services?

It may not be possible for every patient to have their treatment conducted by way of telehealth visits. Still, many patients with addiction, substance abuse, and common co-occurring mental illnesses can be successfully managed with the addition of telemedicine. Ideal clients can check in regularly with their providers, take their prescribed medications responsibly, and feel comfortable using video call technology.

Because Magnolia Medical Group is an outpatient treatment facility, we do not house patients as inpatient “rehab” facilities do. Our patients visit us for medical appointments (especially if they are undergoing our medication-assisted treatment program), psychiatric visits, individual counseling, and group counseling appointments. Most, if not all, of these treatment programs can be accomplished through the support of a telehealth platform. Patients who need to submit urine samples for testing will simply take the sample to one of our drop-off locations after completing their telehealth visit.

Why Choose Magnolia Medical Group?

Studies have shown that several treatment methods can help someone struggling with addiction to minimize cravings, reduce the chance of relapse, and learn healthier coping mechanisms. Several mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder can co-occur with substance abuse and contribute to the worsening of an addiction. We understand how this may factor in, which is why we are prepared to assess our patients as whole people and not simply diagnose substance abuse.

Because it can be nearly impossible for a person with an addiction to recover if their comorbid mental illness is not treated successfully, we take this fact very seriously. Our dual diagnosis program, in fact, focuses on individuals with substance abuse compounded by mental illness. Many of these patients — and you may be one of them — do not even know they have a mental health issue before investigating the root of their substance abuse.

How To Start Using Telehealth for Addiction Treatment

If you are already an existing patient of Magnolia Medical Group who wishes to try incorporating telehealth for addiction treatment, simply call our office to speak with us. We will be able to give you more specific instructions based on your individual case.

To become a new patient who is seeking telemedicine services with us, simply call or email us to make your first appointment. You may wish to fill out your new patient paperwork ahead of time. After setting up your first telemedicine appointment, you will receive a password to enter here to receive your telemedicine instructions. If you have additional questions, please contact us immediately.

What To Expect

If you are uncomfortable or anxious about beginning your telehealth for addiction visits, you’re not alone. Starting therapy of any type can cause stress and bring up several uncomfortable feelings. Telehealth opioid treatment, or any type of telehealth for addiction recovery, offers equal benefits for those unable to come into the office or during times that we cannot offer you an in-office visit. Additionally, telehealth appointments may help you keep your scheduled times with us as you do not have to leave the comfort of your home (or your place of work) if you are unable to come into the clinic during work hours.

Get In Touch With Magnolia Media Group

If you’re ready to take a step toward sobriety, contact Magnolia Medical Group in Denver Colorado today. Please let us know if you have questions about our outpatient programs, medications prescribed, or what you may expect when you start your telehealth sessions. We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals.

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Magnolia Medical Group is licensed with the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health, for Substance Use Disorder (SUD) Treatment.

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