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Now that you’ve made the decision to get clean, you’re likely in the process of narrowing down which addiction recovery programs may benefit you the most.

Perhaps you’re investigating medication-assisted treatment, evaluating the benefits of support groups and group therapy or seeking out a therapist to speak with about developing new coping skills to manage your newly sober life.

Maybe a friend or family member is even pressuring you to consider a type of substance abuse treatment that you wouldn’t choose for yourself, and you’re wondering whether you should consider their wishes or trust your gut when it comes to your own treatment. Fortunately, you have several options from which to choose when it comes to addiction treatment in Denver, Colorado. Read through the below descriptions of the treatments and recovery services we offer, contact us for more information, or enroll in one of our addiction treatment programs.

Overview of Denver Addiction Treatment Programs

At Magnolia Medical Group, we have several types of substance abuse treatments and programs that will help you become free of addictive substances and learn to manage your life without them. It can be a long and confusing process, but we’ll be here to help you every step of the way. Everybody’s needs are unique, so everybody’s treatment program is different.

You may need a combination of medication-assisted treatment, therapy, and peer groups. We will work with you to tailor your treatment to your life and situation. Read through our program information to determine which one sounds like a good fit for your situation.

Outpatient Addiction Treatment Services in Denver

Patients who like the idea of a thorough program but do not want to miss out on the rest of their lives should consider our outpatient treatment services. We offer one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy, and peer treatment groups. When you are going through the detox or withdrawal process and facing your new sobriety for the first time, you can experience many complicated and overwhelming emotions.

Learn more about our services for:

Family and friends who don’t struggle with drug and alcohol abuse often do not understand your situation, your feelings, or your daily struggles — even if they are well-intentioned and want to help you. Connecting with others going through the same treatment and having similar histories of drug use can be life-changing for many who go through our outpatient programs.


Medication-Assisted Treatment in Colorado

For patients who struggle with opioid addiction, using drugs that function as weak opioid blockers can help these patients return to living a fully functional life without drugs. Though it may sound counterintuitive — or even risky — to give these patients more opioids, when performed correctly, this process can help them wean themselves off their drug of choice in a safe, medically supervised way.

The medications we typically use to help our patients conquer their opioid addictions are:


Buprenorphine is a medication that functions as an opioid blocker, which means that it blocks the receptors in the brain that use opioids to create a “high” feeling. Patients who use these medications are unable to get high from their drug of choice because buprenorphine blocks the drug from attaching to the receptors


This medication works similarly to buprenorphine in that it simulates a weak opioid, blocks the opioid receptors, and prevents the euphoria and dependence patients typically experience when taking their drugs of choice. Ideally, it will reduce cravings over time and help promote sobriety.


Naltrexone is a medication, like buprenorphine and suboxone, that can be taken as a pill or injected to help you curb your cravings for an addictive substance. It’s FDA approved for the treatment of addictive disorders such as drug abuse and alcohol addiction.

Addiction Therapy and Counseling Services

Therapy is a good idea for anybody who is making a major life change. When you choose to quit taking an addictive substance, your brain, and body both undergo a major shift as you learn to live a new way. It’s best not to go through this phase of your life alone.

Whether you choose to participate in medication-assisted treatment or you prefer a behavioral approach, our licensed counselors who specialize in addiction can guide you through the process. You will learn new coping skills as you go through the recovery process, and you can rest assured that your counselors will work closely with your medical providers in order to ensure a comprehensive, integrated treatment plan.

Psychiatry Services Near Denver, CO

Magnolia Medical Group offers psychiatric evaluation and management of medications based out of Denver, CO. With 30 years of psychiatric nursing experience, our psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Ann Williams, NP, APRN, PMHNP, RXN, Board Certified, with 30 years of psychiatric nursing experience, believes the best treatment involves teamwork. 

This offers an integrated approach while working with our counselors and medical prescribers, to provide a holistic treatment individual to the patient. Her goal is to completely understand her patient; history of substance use and the underlying pain or trauma that led to substance use. Every patient seeking help for addiction deserves respect and empathy, and we strongly encourage therapy and group work.

Insurance Accepted

We accept most major insurance policies, including several private insurance options. Please get in touch with us at 303-209-5115 to discuss your insurance coverage, as well as your treatment, needs as soon as possible.

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