Opiate Addiction Treatment in Denver, CO

Suboxone Treatment Denver

(Suboxone is aka “Buprenorphine”, “Bupe”, “Subs”)

Previously, getting treatment for your opiate addiction in the Denver, CO was quite a struggle.  It seemed quite counter intuitive, that an area with such an overwhelming heroin addiction problem, would be so under served by qualified suboxone doctors.

In October 2012, the Denver Post published a 3 part series focusing on Heroin in Denver, which opened the eyes of many to the shortage of heroin rehab facilities in Colorado. Those seeking help with their opiate addiction had few options for treatment in Denver, besides Methadone.

At Magnolia Medical, we are striving to provide outpatient suboxone treatment, as part of an overall opiate addiction treatment plan to Denver addicts seeking help.

The path to recovery from opiate addiction for those in Denver addicted to opiates like Heroin, Oxycodone and Percocet starts here.

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