Magnolia Medical is growing and seeking best in class staff to work with our patients in providing the best treatment possible.  Please send your resume and a cover letter if you would to our jobs email address at


Providers (MD, NP, PA)

We seek providers that are looking for 4-12 half/full day shifts a month as well as full time.  The provider would need to have their own X number per requirements seen at this link:

If the provider does not have this complete, we can help them toward it.


Certified Addiction Counselors (CAC, CACI, CACII, CACIII)

Level 1 to 3 please apply.  We have shifts to fit your schedule including opportunities for full time as well.  Our counselors work with our patients in house in individual and group capacities.


Medical Assistants (MA)

For shift work and full time employment.  The MA is also responsible for front desk and admin responsibilities.


Billing / Account Receivable

Our billing department is seeking  senior and junior staff with experience in behavioral health billing.